Secrets to saving even more money at bargain stores!

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Secrets to saving even more money at bargain stores!

Secrets to saving even more money at bargain stores!
Love the famously low prices at discount retailers like Aldi and Walmart?
Great news! We found insider tricks to lowering them even more!

Save 50% at Aldi by shopping on these days

If you’ re like most Aldi shoppers, you love the prices, which are about 24% lower on average than traditional supermarkets. To snag even bigger savings at this discount market, visit on Sundays. This is when they restock their “Aldi Finds” department with a wide selection of products (such as food, wine and backyard gear) that have been reduced 25% to 50%. Need meat? Visit on Wednesdays, which is when the store features a weekly sale on fresh beef, lamb and poultry.

Get 20% off online and in-store at Big Lots

Not only do Big Lots’ grocery prices beat most major supermarkets, they offer a wide range of household products (such as shower curtains, frying pans and toaster ovens) for 25% to 80% less than many other large retailers. And saving even more is easy since the discount chain regularly distributes coupons for 20% off your entire online or in-store purchase. Find them by logging on to and by signing up for a free account at

Spend $100s less at Costco

In one study, Costco prices were up to 70% cheaper on 43 out of 50 products found at a large supermarket chain. To save more: Sign up for the no-fee Costco Anywhere Visa Card ( You’ll get 2% cash back on every Costco  in-store and online purchase, 4% on Costco gas and 3% on restaurants and travel. Upgrade your membership to Gold Star Executive ($120 per year) for an additional 2% cash back  in-store, online and with Costco travel services. Combined, you’ll save an average of $300 per year on groceries alone!

Nab 50% off this at Walmart

You’ll spend about 15% to 20% less at Walmart than other major supermarket chains. But, the savings don’t end there. To make room for new stock, the retailer slashes prices of steak, chicken and other meat that’s nearing its expiration date as well as bakery items like day-old bread, by 50%—even though they’ re perfectly fine to eat. Thinking of trying Walmart’s free curbside pickup or delivery?
They now offer a coupon code for $10 off your first order of $50 or more for each service. Find it at

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