Private Equity Investments in Infectious Disease-Related Companies

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Private Equity Investments in Infectious Disease-Related Companies

Private Equity Investments in Infectious Disease-Related Companies

With the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are suffering economic consequences beyond their control. However, certain industries might experience an increase in demand. Of particular interest, are companies specializing in infectious diseases.

Using data pulled from the PrivateEquityInfo M&A Research Database , I have listed private equity investments in companies working specifically within the area of infectious diseases.

Infectious Disease-Related Portfolio Companies

Genedrive PE Investor: Business Growth Fund
genedrive plc is a molecular diagnostics company. genedrive provides a rapid and low-cost molecular diagnostics platform for the identification and treatment selection of infectious diseases, human genotyping, animal health, pathogen identification, and other applications.

Nabriva Therapeutics PE Investors: Longitude Capital , Aisling Capital , OrbiMed Advisors
Nabriva Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing new antibiotics to treat infectious diseases.

SutroVax PE Investors: TPG , Foresite Capital , Frazier Healthcare Partners , Longitude Capital
SutroVax is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the delivery of best-in-class conjugate vaccines and novel complex antigen-based vaccines to prevent serious infectious diseases.

MOLOGIC PE Investor: Foresight Group
Mologic is a Point of Care diagnostics company that provides Contract Research and manufacturing services. The Company is also developing a broad and promising portfolio of proprietary products, including diagnostics for infectious diseases, respiratory disease exacerbations and Sepsis, which affect hundreds of millions of people around the world every year.

Valneva PE Investor: MVM Partners
Valneva is a fully integrated vaccine company that specializes in the development, manufacture and commercialization of innovative vaccines with a mission to protect people from infectious diseases through preventative medicine.

Mavupharma PE Investor: Frazier Healthcare Partners
Mavupharma is a drug discovery and development company focused on novel approaches to selectively targeting the STING (stimulator of interferon genes) pathway, leveraging the innate immune system to treat cancer and infectious diseases.

Metabiota PE Investor: Martis Capital
Metabiota is a public health technology company that investigates and assesses infectious disease threats for governments, insurance companies and livestock producers with the goal of digitizing microbial data globally and proactively preventing the spread of disease.

Heat Biologics PE Investor: Hunter Trust
Heat Biologics is a clinical-stage company focused on developing its proprietary “ImPACT” (Immune Pan-Antigen Cytotoxic Therapy) adjuvant technology for use in a number of oncology and infectious disease indications.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals PE Investor: GIMV
Eurocept Pharmaceuticals is responsible for the registration, marketing, distribution and sale of specialty medicines in the fields of anesthetics, psychiatry, urology, pediatrics and infectious diseases.

ABIVAX PE Investor: Truffle Capital
ABIVAX’s objective is to become a world leader in the development of therapeutic vaccines and antivirals for use in the battle against infectious disease and cancer. It was formed by the merger of three biotech companies: Wittycell, Splicos and Zophis.

BioLineRx PE Investor: OrbiMed Advisors
BioLineRx is a publicly-traded biopharmaceutical development company (Ticker: BLRX). BioLineRx’s current portfolio consists of several clinical stage candidates. In addition, BioLineRx has several products in various pre-clinical development stages for a variety of indications, including central nervous system diseases, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

Themis PE Investor: Omnes Capital
Themis Bioscience is a start-up biotechnology company specializing in the development of new vaccines against infectious diseases.

SIGA Technologies PE Investor: MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings
SIGA Technologies is developing products for the prevention and treatment of serious infectious diseases, including products for use in defense against biological warfare agents.

Lab 21 Limited PE Investor: NMT Capital (Nexus)
Lab21 provides diagnostic products and services with a current focus on infectious diseases, metabolic diseases and oncology. Its manufactured products include diagnostic products for syphilis, malaria, blood grouping and febrile antigens. Its blood grouping reagents are key components of any blood transfusion service. It is introducing a series of monoclonal antibodies for ABO anti-D as well as Rhesus system reagents.

Upper Biotech PE Investor: OrbiMed Advisors
Upper Biotech is a leading POCT diagnostics company. The Company currently offers products in the areas of infectious diseases, women’s health, cardiology, and diabetes.

LogicBioPE Investor: OrbiMed Advisors
LogicBio develops gene therapy vectors for previously incurable genetic and infectious diseases.

Omega Diagnostics Group PE Investor: Mobeus Equity Partners
The Group provides high quality IVD products and specializes in the areas of Allergy, Food Intolerance, Autoimmune Disease and Infectious Disease.

Synthetic Biologics PE Investor: Third Security
Synthetic Biologics (Ticker: SYN) is a biotechnology company focused on the development of biologics for the prevention and treatment of serious infectious diseases.

Wittycell PE Investor: Truffle Capital
Wittycell is a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutic and prophylactic vaccine adjuvants in the field of oncology and infectious diseases. The Company develops novel lipid adjuvant products exclusively licensed from and developed in collaboration with three world renowned academic institutions, the Scripps Research Institute (California), the University of Chicago and the Brigham Young University (Utah).

Vir PE Investor: Aberdare Ventures
Vir integrates diverse innovations in science, technology, and medicine to transform the care of people with serious infectious diseases.

ADMA Biologics PE Investor: Aisling Capital
ADMA Biologics is a development stage biologic company focused on infectious diseases.

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